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CLAIMS has been helping people get compensation since the 90’s. It was established by former business journalist Paul Cooper as a partnership and since this time CLAIMS has helped many thousands of customers get compensation for their losses from mis sold products or bad investments. With his background writing for the Economist, acting as deputy editor of Channel Four’s Sunday Business Programme and his weekly insurance trade magazine column (Cooper’s Casebook) he gained an excellent insight into the bad value features of many financial products and the shabby ways they were marketed. After helping many customers through his column he decided to help those who didn’t have the added advantage of being featured in the news to help get them fair compensation setting up what was probably the first financial complaints claims management company in the UK. In 2011 CLAIMS became a limited company (Claims (London) Ltd.

Since those early days CLAIMS has processed thousands of complaints against banks, building societies, insurers and financial advisors for advice ranging from bad investment advice, unfair policy terms and conditions, payment protection insurance and excessive charges. Thousands of these complaints have then had to be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) or its predecessors such as PIAOB. and have won our clients well over £20 million in compensation to date. Claim amounts have varied from just a few pounds to over £300,000.

Paul Cooper of Claims (London) Ltd.We operate on a NO WIN NO FEE basis so that clients don’t have to make any upfront payment. Provided a client doesn’t cancel the agreement partway through we only charge them any money for our work if we win them compensation. This way clients who have normally already lost money as a result of the financial advice they were given are not throwing good money after bad. See the terms and conditions for full details.

sandy discussing new ppi claimsPersonal customer service is our strength with our average call answer time at less than 10 seconds. We are not a massive call centre and so you can normally speak to the same claims handler each time you call.

boardroom discussing mis sold ppiWe are now also specialising in helping people sold risky investments by Barclays, Halifax, Lloyds and other banks and building societies. In particular we are helping people sold into the 'Morley funds', which were sold to a large number of Barclays customers just when they were entering their retirement or had other large lump sums from inheritance and, house sales, etc. We won one client £166,000 from Barclays for the advice they gave to invest in a single bond that was supposed to be safe but resulted in them losing a substantial portion of their life savings. We also specialise in clients sold Halifax’s ‘Personal Investment Plan’ or ‘Guaranteed Investment Plan’ as well as investment ISAs or OEICs sold by any of the banks or building societies.

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